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What does data tell us about culture? Data-driven research

Thanks to data-driven research we are able to explore the relationship between knowledge about the behaviours of social media users with the research on consumers of culture conducted by traditional methods. This way, we combine the accuracy of surveys and their capacity for revealing the motivations of respondents with the advantages of automated analysis of large data sets, which makes it easy to discover the so-far unnoticed trends and relationships.

Karol PiekarskiTheory

The aim of our research team is to provide research and visualisation tools allowing for easy exploration of large data sets in quest of the desired information.
Offline Research (at event venues) Online Research (web-based) collected since 2016 only attendees of selected events small scale: selected events small set of high-accuracy data data collected by interviewers data existing since 2010 large group of users large scale: entire city large set of low-accuracy data data collected automatically
RESEARCH TOPICS AND METHODS Where do event participants come from? Surveys Interviews Socialmedia News portals What do event participants do while in the city? Who creates culture? What are the top events? How do Katowice residents shape the image of the city? Facebook application