11 08

Data » information » knowledge: Medialab designers discuss the role of visualisation in the research process

In addition to data acquisition and analysis, the subsequent step of data visualisation is a central task that the Medialab team faces as part of the study of the culture cycles in Katowice under the Shared Cities project. As one of our previous postings has already covered the challenges facing our coders, this time we talk to Medialab designers. Paulina Urbańska and Waldek Węgrzyn work on the visual side of the project on a daily basis, while constantly improving our research methodologies and internal team communication.

Łukasz Mirocha, Paulina Urbańska, Waldemar WęgrzynInterview

We usually aim for the most appropriate solution from among existing and proven chart types. Occasionally, however, it is preferable to opt for a custom visualisation to present a specific data set.